The sea, which is not only an infinite mass of water, but also an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Facing infinity, those swaying waves sometimes seem elusive, yet many illustrators manage to put the sea on paper in a striking way…

The exhibition "De zee! De zee!" (The sea! The sea!)  shows various works depicting the many faces of the sea, from calm and cerulean to stormy and black. The exhibition highlights both the beauty and threats to the sea from pollution and climate change.

Important works in Dutch include "Gered!" by Mattias De Leeuw, "Het eiland van Olifant" by Leo Timmers, and "De grote maskerade" by Marije Tolman. Even without a knowledge of Dutch, one can enjoy the exquisite illustrations.

Illustrator Claudia Verhelst of the books "Mie Raat '' also drew beautiful drawings of the sea on the large window of the Duinenhuis.

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© Boumediene Belbachir
© Boumediene Belbachir
© Boumediene Belbachir
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