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Necessary cookies

Cookie name Expiration time standard Description
SSESS<ID> 1 month When you are logged in to this website, a session cookie is required to identify your browser and connect it to your user account.
cookiesjsr 1 year When you first visited this website, permission was requested to use various services (including those of third parties) for which data must be stored in your browser (cookies, local storage). Your decisions about each service (allow, deny) are stored in this cookie and are reused each time you visit this website.


Videos from YouTube or Vimeo

These cookies are used to enable the integration of content from social networking sites and other third party platforms such as Vimeo and Youtube on our websites. They can track activities across different websites to build a user profile. This allows them to offer more relevant content on other visited websites.

These cookies are placed by Vimeo when loading a Vimeo video on this website:

  • __cf_bm
  • vuid

These cookies are placed by YouTube when a YouTube video is loaded on this website:

  • YSC
  • __Secure-YEC
  • PREF
  • SOCS


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